Adventurous Animation Series And Games For Children

Kika and Bob is a funny, rapid animation series suitable for children of all ages. A not too clever firefighter called Bob and a bright girl called Kika are blown to the other side of the world by a typhoon during your average Save-Your-Cat-Stuck-On-The-Church-Steeple-During-A-Storm kinda thing.

Animation Series And Interactive Game For Pre-Schoolers

Picnic with Cake is an animated series and cross media adaptation of the famous picture book “Picnic with Cake” by Thé Tjong-Khing, published in more than 13 countries.

China’s Environment On The Brink Of Disaster

Rainmakers is an investigative documentary about the decline of China’s environment. The story is told from the perspective of four civil activists who refuse to accept the ongoing ecological destruction of their homeland.

Sisters Doing It For Themselves In Amsterdam’s Red Light District

“In the old days, the local copper would tap on the window if a girl was showing too much ankle, now the girls deal coke from their cubicles.” Louise and Martine Fokkens are identical twins. For over 40 years they were working as prostitutes.

Off the Grid

While America is ravaged by a severe recession and the global economic system wavers, some Americans are taking command of the situation by creating an independent local economy.

The Story of the Kakiemon Porcelain Dynasty

How does one take over a company that is four centuries old and has been run by one’s father, his father’s father and so on. Here is the unique story of such a time capsule where we witness how a modern-day Japanese family that has transformed everyday pottery…