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Kika and Bob is a funny, rapid animation series suitable for children of all ages. A not too clever firefighter called Bob and a bright girl called Kika are blown to the other side of the world by a typhoon during your average Save-Your-Cat-Stuck-On-The-Church-Steeple-During-A-Storm kinda thing. Now they have to travel the world trying to get home and save Kika’s kitten Tiger. But before they get there, there are many terrible obstacles to overcome, strange territories to be crossed and even stranger people and animals to be met. Add to this the All-Knowing-Narrator, a walking and talking Encyclopedia of Bizarre and Unnecessary Trivia.

Although the series will mainly be produced in 2D animation, certain elements and or scenes will be highlighted through the use of 3D techniques. The linear animation will feature semi-scientific animations and photo-realistic illustrated interludes. The rhythm, soundtrack and setting gives the fifties-retro style animated series a contemporary feel. Kika & Bob is produced as a linear television-series combined with a website as well as a series made for an interactive television set top box.


Directed and written by: Vincent Bal, Colette Bothof
Scenario: Vincent Bal, Colette Bothof
Animation: Fons Schiedon
Producer: Submarine
Co-producers: Peachblossom Media (Singapore), Walking the Dog (Belgium)
Release: 2008
Language versions: Multiple language versions available