Submarine is a production studio in Amsterdam that develops and produces feature films, documentaries, animation and transmedia. Submarine has established itself as an innovative company, mixing traditional and interactive storytelling, all with an international focus. The company works with directors who explore the boundaries of the moving image, with renowned talent such as Peter Greenaway and Tommy Pallotta as well as with young and upcoming talent. Submarine co-produces most of its films, animation and transmedia productions in collaboration with broadcasters, distributors and publishers from around Europe and the United States.

Submarine Channel is the world’s premiere destination for original transmedia dramas, documentaries and genre-defying entertainment. The future of storytelling is here. Free Your Screen!
From studios in Amsterdam and L.A, Submarine Channel creates fresh content that exploits new technologies to tell stories in visually exciting, multiple format-friendly ways – including motion comics, online games, web documentaries, and video portraits about pioneering creatives from all over the world. The popular website streams authored content as well as the best in next-gen cinema by peer creators, attracting a global following of creative professionals across the spectrum.

Submarine Channel is part of the multiple award-winning production outfit Submarine, founded in 2000 by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting, both pioneers in the Dutch (new) media world.

SubLA designs and produces emotionally engaging experiences and was founded by storytellers who have a passion and knowledge of design and technology. SubLA makes experiences that explore new forms of storytelling that encompass traditional and emerging media. SubLA has studios in Venice, CA and Amsterdam and is led by industry pioneers: Tommy Pallotta, Femke Wolting and Bruno Felix. SubLA is the sister company of Amsterdam based Submarine and Submarine Channel.

Bruno Felix

Femke Wolting