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The all-consuming desire to have a baby brings Dutch couple Willeke and Mario and a single Norwegian woman, Ulrika, to St. Petersburg. There, an egg and embryo donation will be fulfilling their heart’s desire. In the film With Love from Russia we follow their physical and emotional journey toward the longed for baby. What made them go all the way to Russia? Will their dream become reality? And, what motivates the Russian egg donors to do this and what are the risks? In the film we see how the desire to have a child has a dramatic impact on the life of western parents as well as on the life of the egg donors. From various perspectives, from the donor to the doctor to the prospective parents, their journey is documented and we see one of the prospective parents wrestle with the question: what if in time my child wants to know who his biological parents are?


Director: Jorien van Nes
Producer: Submarine
Co-producer: VPRO
Length: 55 min